Community Service ”Cipasung Bersih” by Darmasiswa Student Batch 2018

Community Service ”Cipasung Bersih” by Darmasiswa Student Batch 2018

On Sunday, March 31st, 2019, Community Service has taken place at Cipasung Village, Kuningan, West Java attended by Darmasiswa Students batch 2018and Hospitality Students batch 2015 of Trisakti School Tourism. The community service brought up the theme “Cipasung Bersih” (Clean Cipasung). The students along with the local society work together to create a clean and healthy environment for Cipasung Village. This activity is pioneered by Darmasiswa Student batch 2018, Hassan, Javier, and Adda.

The objectives of the Community Service “Cipasung Bersih” are to;

  1. Raising the awareness of Cipasung society on taking a good care of the surrounding environment
  2. Educating Cipasung society to put the waste in the designated place

All the participants are expected to be the pionereed to the cleanliness of Cipasung Village and to the  surrounding environment. It is also being expected for Cipasung society to spread the movement start from the neighbor society.

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